Fiberglass and Plastic Septic Tanks Service Savannah GA

Many modern septic systems make use of fiberglass or plastic septic tanks, as opposed to concrete models. Plastic tends to be the top choice when finances are a concern and they can last for decades, too. The only caveat is that they’re more prone to mechanical damage, so it’s really important to mark where it’s buried and avoid driving over the area, pounding stakes, or doing anything that might add undue pressure to it. They do handle the earth well, however, and once they’re installed, they tend to provide effortless care aside from regular inspections and pumping. No matter what kind of service you need, our experienced partner technicians will handle it with professionalism, accuracy, and diligence.

Fiberglass and Plastic Septic Tanks: Installation

When you’re putting up a new building that doesn’t have access to a local sewer line, you’ll have many options in the design and materials used in your unit. Some of this will be limited by local laws and the soil on the property, but our partner technicians will perform a full assessment and do all the planning and permits, so you can be sure your unit and all its components will serve you well for many years.

Fiberglass and Plastic Septic Tanks: Maintenance

Very little maintenance is needed, aside from regular pumping. The reservoir handles most of the work by dividing the liquid “effluent” from the solids and then sending the effluent off to a leach field. The remaining solids should be pumped out every 3-5 years in residential reservoirs, provided the home does not have a garbage disposal or something like a spa, which would contribute to the load it needs to take on. In these cases, annual pumping is necessary to keep the unit operating at peak performance. Industrial and commercial reservoirs need to be pumped much more frequently because they get more use. Every few months is a good rule of thumb, but you can work with your technician to find out how full the reservoir is and what kind of schedule suits your business’ needs best.

Fiberglass and Plastic Septic Tanks: Inspections

During the regular maintenance visit, the technician will examine the reservoir and all components. If any wear or broken parts are noted, you’ll be given the information you need to act on it, so you can correct the issues before they become a problem.

Real estate inspections are also performed by our partner technicians. These differ slightly in that they generate an independent report that the buyer and seller of a property can use to ensure that the unit is either in good condition or indicate what needs to be repaired for the sake of transparency and negotiation.

Fiberglass and Plastic Septic Tanks: Repair

The reservoirs rarely need any kind of repair, with the exception of when people forget that their tank is below ground and damage it from above. However, sometimes lids, filters, or baffles need to be replaced. When there’s a backup or other issue with the unit, it usually originates in the main line or the leach field, which our technicians also manage.

Contact Septic Tank Pros Savannah GA for All Your Fiberglass and Plastic Septic Tanks Needs

From the initial install to repairs and maintenance, our partner technicians handle it all with precision and diligence. If you’d like more information about the services they provide or would like help with your unit, call (912) 304-4030 today.

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